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TAG Slack Workspace

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:40 am
by Michael Gan
TAG has our very own Slack workspace! Sign up and check it out via our invite:

TAG Code of Conduct and general forum usage rules apply: "Be nice." ^tm

Please sign in with your real name to make it easier for folks to connect with you.

Slack is a realtime communications ("chat") solution for teams. Our common use of Slack is for communication during events and for TAG Staff and Board Members to easily connect. We've repurposed the workspace and are making it available as a general community resource for chat. The forum will continue to be our resource that is used for official communications, reference, and setting and disseminating information.

Main Channels:
#general - The default channel.
#events - Discussion and promotion of any local events relevant to the TAG Community.

We're happy to host community group channels as well. Message me in the TAG Slack workspace for assistance.